Webinar Training 5: 
Fast Cash

Webinar Contents:

Webinar 1:
Fees - How to Get Paid

What is covered:

The Keys To The Fees. What to charge. Methods of setting your retainer and performance fees. How to calculate performance fees (success fees). How to ensure that you get paid. How and what to charge for other services and more.

Webinar 2: 
Business Growth Calculator

What are the 7 Alchemy Keys? The exponential effect of the Alchemy Keys. Presenting the Businesses Growth Calculator to prospects. Using the calculator to forecast growth in turnover, profit and capital value. How to use the Business Growth Calculator for maximum impact. 

Webinar 3:
The Client Meeting

What clients are REALLY buying (it isn’t what you think)! Pre-positioning yourself. The tools that will help you to sort a ‘HOT’ from a ‘NOT’. Post Positioning. The step-by-step ‘Meeting Process’ and why prospects will be 90% ready to say ‘YES!’ Establishing and maintaining rapport

Webinar 4:
Client Generation

In this session we cover some of our most powerful client generation strategies and also detail a number of acquisition strategies that go much further than those taught in the Members Section. These are ‘very different’ and, it goes without saying, highly productive!, 

Webinar 5: 
Fast Cash 

What are Fast Cash strategies? They are quick and powerful methods that you can use with new clients to generate huge amounts of money almost from nothing. 

Webinar includes:
Giving your clients quick wins. 
Why Fast Cash strategies work. 
The top 3 strategies.
Making a business out of Fast Cash.

Webinar 6: 
The Talisman Orientation

How to present TALISMAN.
The TALISMAN Powerpoint. 
Using ‘Tie Downs’. 
Building the ‘wow’ factor. 
Closing the deal to an easy ‘YES’

Webinar 7:
Talisman Client Training

This is a professional presentation for you to use in your one-to-one consulting or coaching TALISMAN presentations with clients and partners. You can also use the presentation for group training sessions. The powerpoint includes all of the subject matter and the action points used in Talisman.

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