Session 6 - Client Generation
Lesson 4: Pick of the Best


The Holy Grail of the Business Consultant.  How do you find clients? Problem solved. Here’s some of the most powerful and compelling client generation strategies ever. You’ll gain instant methods that will get your phone ringing fast. You’ll know exactly how to do it. No knocking on doors, no pounding the pavement, no cold-calling. This section shows you how to locate clients and get them to work with you!

NOTE: These are the original lead and client generation systems as per the live course. Since that time the faxing has been substituted for emailing. Therefore, read 'Fax' method as 'Email'. 

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Course Lessons

Lesson 1
 Strategy Review

A review of the client generation strategies detailed in the Fast Track System and in Positioning.

Lesson 2
More Strategies (Part 1)

This second session examines some of the principles in marketing and in particular highlights the many challenges that businesses fail to resolve or even recognise (part 1).

Lesson 3
More Strategies (Part 2)

New client generation strategies to get your phone ringing (Part 2).

Lesson 4
Pick Of The Best

Who is your market? How big is it? What's the potential? You'll be amazed!

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