Session 1 - Marketing 101
Lesson 1: Understanding Real Marketing

Session Overview

The Marketing 101 module is a complete and comprehensive grounding in Alchemy cutting edge marketing and business development principles and strategies. It will arm you with detailed knowledge and give you the grounding you need to be recognized as an expert in your field.  With knowledge comes self-assurance and with the Marketing 101 you will have plenty of both. When you are confident about what you know – that confidence is contagious.

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Course Lessons

Lesson 1
Understanding Real Marketing

This first session introduces you to some key marketing concepts including the little known 'Clutter Factor'.

Lesson 2
Marketing Principles - 1

This second session examines some of the principles in marketing and in particular highlights the many challenges that businesses fail to resolve or even recognise.

Lesson 3
Marketing Principles - 2

Part 2 of the second session continues to examine some of the key marketing principles.

Lesson 4
The Market

Who is your market? How big is it? What's the potential? You'll be amazed!

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