TALISMAN Consulting & Coaching Training Volume 1
Lesson 1: Talisman – Introduction and Module 1


The TALISMAN step-by-step consulting and coaching system consists of the jam-packed 3-volumes of 23 modules and development strategies outlining the complete system plus a powerpoint training presentation for you to use with your clients and other valuable resources.

In this section we cover the first volume of 12 modules PLUS the Business First Aid module (the FAST CASH strategies).

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Course Lessons

Lesson 1
Talisman – Introduction and Module 1

'How To Use The TALISMAN Business Acceleration System' and 'Getting Ready For Success'

Lesson 2
Talisman – Modules
2 & 3

'Niche Marketing' and 'Unique Selling Proposition'

Lesson 3
Talisman – Modules
4 & 5

'Transferring The Features Of Your Product Or Service Into Sizzling Benefits' and 'Risk Reversal'

Lesson 4
Talisman – Modules
 6 & 7

'Testimonials' and 'Irresistible Offers'

Lesson 5
Talisman – Modules
8, 9 & 10

'Your Lead Generation Strategy', 'Setting Your Objectives To Give You Direction' and 'Budgeting'

Lesson 6 Talisman – Modules 11 & 12

'Selecting Your Lead Generation Tools' and 'How To Multiply The Results Of Your Lead Generation Super System'

Lesson 7 Talisman – Business First Aid

Business First Aid: Fast Cash Strategies

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