Session 2 - The Fast Track System
Lesson 5: Fast Track Step 4


Our dynamic Fast Track system gives you what you exactly need to get off to a flying start. Just join the dots by following the simple step-by-step process. It includes all the tools, materials and training you’ll require to quickly identifying, converting and working with your first clients. Our only aim is to get you out there, get you clients and get you on the road to the kind of income and lifestyle you deserve. With Fast Track, you’ll get real hands on experience while you get the quick wins that you want and need.

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Course Lessons

Lesson 1
Fast Track – Overview

Introducing the Fast Track system. An overview of the steps.

Lesson 2
Fast Track – Step 1

Acquisition. Quick and simple 'relationship' methods in finding your first prospects and clients.

Lesson 3
Fast Track - Step 2

Position. How to sort prospective clients into 'Hots' and 'Nots' and gaining your first appointments.

Lesson 4
Fast Track - Step 3

Meeting. How to conduct your first meeting with a prospect and turning them into a client.

Lesson 5
Fast Track - Step 4

Research. Discovering more about your new client's business and running and using the Confidential Business Audit.

Lesson 6
Fast Track - Step 5

Implementation. How to do the 'do'. The Fast Track consulting 101 and putting together a plan of action to grow your clients business.

Lesson 7
Fast Track - Step 6

Management. Maintaining the growth and development of the business and the relationship with the client.

Lesson 8
Fast Track - Step 7

Reviewing the 6 steps to Fast Track success.

Lesson 9
Fast Track - Step 8

The Orientation Presentation. A role play example of how to present the powerpoint presentation at the appointment. Lots of anecdotes and stories for you to use... Plus, how to close and negotiating your fees.

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